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April is Electrology Awareness Month

The New York Electrolysis Association, in conjunction with the American Electrology Association designates April as Electrology Awareness Month.

April Is Electrology Awareness Month

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the benefits of electrolysis, still the only permanent method of hair removal as recognized by the FDA. It is proven, safe and effective for ALL skin and hair types with unsurpassed results.  Women and men alike hide their unwanted hair with many different temporary methods.  For many, this is time-consuming and can have a negative effect on confidence and self esteem.  With the appropriate treatment regimen and commitment and consistency, electrolysis can afford you the freedom from unsightly hair.

The consumer has been inundated with many claims for hair removal methods, with various gadgets that tout permanency for unwanted hair.   Sadly, the results just cause the consumer wasted time and money.   Oftentimes, it is discovered that the unwanted hair has been exacerbated by these temporary methods.

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Make the permanent choice and contact the New York Electrolysis Association today to begin your journey for a hairfree lifestyle.  There is an easy search page, Find an Electrologist with many ways to find a professional electrologist in your area.  New York Electrolysis Association professionals have the commitment to help you achieve the kind of results you desire with electrolysis.  The best investment you can make is in yourself!

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